Directions for Observing with the 24 inch Telescope at MSU Campus Observatory Edit

1. Checklist for Opening Up Edit

1. In warm room, turn on both computers (in rack to right of monitors; two black boxes will show green lights if on).

2. In warm room, Login to computer as:

User: Observer (password in notebook)

3. In warm room: On the left computer, double click on the Maxim DL icon.

4. In warm room: On the right computer, double click on the ACE icon. Login as:

User: smith (password in notebook)

5. In dome: Make sure CCD is on the back of the telescope, rather than the eyepiece. Call

Laura if it is not.

6. In dome: turn power strip on/make sure it's plugged in. Outlet/strip located by the desk.

7. In dome: Open the dome by pushing and holding down the Open button on the big grey

box. Make sure stu# doesn't fall on the telescope; if it does call Laura.

8. In dome: Climb ladder and remove big mirror cover. Place it in the holder that is attached

to the dome.

9. In warm room: In Maxim DL, click on View menu and then CCD Control Window.

Under Setup in this window, click Connect. Then click Cooler On. You'll want to wait

until the CCD is at 28 deg before observing.

10. In warm room: While waiting for CCD to cool down, in ACE click on Instruments menu at

top, and under it select Filter Wheel. This will open a new window. In it, click Initialize.

11. In warm room: In ACE, click on Telescope menu at top, and then select from it Focus.

A new window should pop up. Set the focus to 135000 in this window. If the focus doesn't

actually move, you may have to push the big red button on the wall and make sure it releases.

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